Trench 11   Feature  2018

     Director: Leo Scherman, Producer: Tyler Levine, 

     Exec. Producer: Martin Katz

Mad Ship  Feature  2013         

     Director: David Mortin, Producer: Daniel Iron, Liz Jarvis

Diamonds   Mini-Series  2009
    Director: Andy Wilson, Producer: Jennifer Kawaja, 

     Julia Sereny, Sienna
    * nominated for 9 Gemini Awards, including Best 

     Dramatic Mini-series

Comeback Season   Feature   2006         

     Director: Bruce McCulloch, Producer: Susan Cavan, 

     Accent Entertaiment

     * nominated for Best Feature Editing DGC Award                  

Citizen Duane   Feature  2006          

     Director: Michael Mabbott, Producer: Susan Cavan, 

     Accent Entertainment

Cake   Feature   2005

     Director: Nisha Ganatra, Producer: Miranda de Pencier
    * nominated for Best Feature Editing DGC Award

The Shields Stories   Mini-Series  2004           

     Director: Sarah Polley, Producer: Christina Jennings, 

     Shaftesbury Films 

     * nominated for 5 Gemini Awards, including 

     Best Dramatic Series

Wilby Wonderful   Feature  2004           

     Director: Daniel MacIvor, Producer: Camelia Frieberg

Owning Mahowny  Feature  2003
    Director: Richard Kwietniowski, Producer: Andras Hamori 

     and Alliance Atlantis

     * nominated for 4 Genie Awards, including Best Picture

Past Perfect  Feature  2002     

     Director: Danial MacIvor, Producer: Camelia Frieburg

The Law of Enclosures   Feature  2000
    Director: John Greyson, Producers: Damon D’Oliveira 

     and Buffalo Gal

City of Dark  Feature  1997         

     Director: Bruno Lazaro, Producers: Greg Klymkiw, Michael Allder 

Lulu   Feature  1996 

     Director: Srinivas Krishna, Producer: Robert Bergman 

Tectonic Plates   Feature  1992          

     Director: Peter Mettler, Producers: Rhombus Media  

Masala   Feature  1991 

     Director: Srinivas Krishna, Producers: Camelia Frieberg 

     and Srinivas Krishna 

Roadkill  Feature  1989

     Director: Bruce McDonald, Producers: Mr. Shack Motion  Pictures

     * winner of Best Canadian Feature, Toronto International 

     Film Festival


This is Not a Movie  Feature  2019        

     Director: Yung Chang, Producers: Allyson Luchak, 

     Nelofer Pazira, Anita Lee

The Woman Who Loves Giraffes    Feature  2018         

     Director: Alison Reid, Producer: Joanne Jackson  

Youth Unstoppable  Feature  2017        

     Director: Slater Jewell Kemker, Producer: Daniel Bekerman

Modified   Feature   2017       

     Director: Aube Giroux, Producer: Camelia Frieburg 

Stories We Tell   Feature  2013         

     Director: Sarah Polley, Producer: Anita Lee, NFB           

     * winner of 23 international awards, short-listed for Best Feature 

     Documentary Oscar

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage  Feature  2010          

     Directors: Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn, 

     Producer: Banger Films 

     * winner Tribeca Festival audience award, * Grammy nomination 

Metal: A Headbanger's Journey   Feature  2005         

     Directors: Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn, 

     Producer: Banger Films

Picture of Light   Feature  1994         

     Director: Peter Mettler, Producer: Grimthorpe Film           

     * winner of Best Film, Hot Docs Film Festival