"Srinivas Krishna's audacious comedy, Masala, is a film distinguished by extreme cultural double vision. The most ingenious aspect of Masala is its use of clashing cinematic genres to illustrate the theme of cultural collision and dislocation."   

- Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"...aesthetically adventurous and very funny, Masala is a uniquely surrealistic tour de force."   

- Jay Scott, The Globe and Mail

"A provocative blend of dramatic sense and comic zeal."
- Karen D Souza, San Francisco Weekly

"From the opening of Srinivas Krishna's vibrant directorial debut, you know you're in for something different. An uplifting, extremely funny film, this has some serious things to say about sexuality, 

race, religion and politics."  

 - Timeout Magazine

"Masala is a comedy, a melodrama, a farce, a fiction and an absolute truth. Director Krishna scrambles his images, goes over the top for emphasis and splashes colours on the screen like a pop-art painting."   

- Bruce Kirkland, The Toronto Sun

"Masala blends sex, death, religion and politics without sacrificing 

it'ssly surrealistic tone."   

- Craig MacInnis, The Toronto Star


Masala is a gloriously funny satire that spoofs the traditional style of Hindi film with a packed, but never overcrowded, narrative of greed, corruption, sex, generation and culture clashes, politics, religion, fate and saris... A tour de force."  

- The Birmingham Post

"Masala is an intoxicatingly colourful film that revels in the sensibilities of a director who has happily gorged on the works of Godard, Almodovar, Andre Forcier and Bollywood. NNNN"   

-Now Magazine