"Picture of Light has the narrative innovation and aesthetic brilliance of a good drama. Hypnotic displays of the aurora borealis...are the gold at the end of Mettler's rainbow, but getting there is more than half the fun. The film is an existential meditation on snow and space and cold, undercut by an absurdist wit..."   
- Brian D. Johnson, Maclean's Magazine 

"The result of Mettler's struggle with the elements is Picture of Light. It's one of the most provocative and meszmerising works at this year's Toronto International Film Festival." 

- Craig Macinnes, The Toronto Star

"Picture of Light is luminous and genuinely transcendent"
- Gerald Peary, Special to The Globe and Mail

"An extraordinary piece of filmmaking. In an era when only one movie in a hundred has a single moment of visionary power, Picture of Light is bursting with them.  This is a film that takes you places 

you have never been."  
- John Powers, Vogue Magazine

"...you sense you're watching a new art form in the process of creation. Among the very best documentaries to come along in years, Picture of Light is as much a meditation on documentary filmmaking as it is on the North."   
- Peter Goddard, The Toronto Star

"Picture of Light is the most beautiful fusion of art and science I've seen since Michael Snow's La Region Centrale."   
- Jonathan Rosenbaum, The Chicago Reader


"Picture of Light confronts the ontological status of film, brandishing profundity, humour and many extraordinarily beautiful images, concluding finally that film's relationship to reality and experience is, in the best cases, rather like all of life's Big Questions -- puzzling, troubling, awe-inspiring."
- Peter Urquart, Reverse Shot