" A satirical look at all things Canadian, shot in grainy black and white, Roadkill was the first film to flush the institutional mentality out of English-Canadian cinema and became the starting point in a continuing revelation of the Canadian self."   

- Katherine Monk, Canadian Press

...may be the best ever rock'n roll movie."   

- John Griffin, The Montreal Gazette

"An insane cross between Eraserhead, This is Spinal Tap, 

and Rock'n Roll Highschool."  

 - Greg Klimkiw, Cinema Canada

"Roadkill is a mongrel mesh of a music video and home movie, parody and angst. It's also funny, highspirited and full of irreverent touches that never find their way into more polished productions."
- Brian D. Johnson, Maclean's Magazine

"Roadkill is a woman's own Easy Rider... Roadkill's main metaphor makes feminist that old male fantasy, especially popular with young boys, that the best way to get away from it all is to 

drive hell-bent-for-leather into everything."

- Jay Scott, The Globe and Mail

"Splat! There goes another bastion of good taste under the onslaught of Bruce McDonald's rollicking rock'nroll comedy. Roadkill pulsates with high energy hi-jinks that are guaranteed to offend any proper 

people who wander in. "
- Bruce Kirkland, The Toronto Sun