"Tectonic Plates -- the film -- is much more than a simple adaptation of Robert Lepage's original stage version, as it explores, explodes and cross-fertilizes the conventions, abstractions and illusions of 

theatrical and cinematic forms."
- David MacIntosh, Toronto Festival of Festivals

"The mix of stage and screen is magical. It is as if one is witnessing a one-of-a-kind performance with all the visual effects of the cinema...It's characters are moving, its images unsettling. Tectonic Plates drifts mesmerizingly across the screen and 

is not easily forgettable." 

- Beatrice Van Dijk, McGill Daily


"It is a bizarre understatement to call Peter Mettler's film, Tectonic Plates, merely unique. No other film in history has created a visual and emotional parallel between a planet-sized geological concept and a person-sized romantic trauma...The image drift is so hypnotic that my own little continent keeps bumping into the film, creating interesting seismic disturbances." 

- Bruce Kirkland, The Toronto Sun

...dualities -- body and soul, hearing and sight, man and woman, French and English -- are masterfully explored, and the story's lesson is clear. The barriers are arbitrary; crossing them, accepting them and, finally, integrating them, is the business of art."
– Liam Lacey, The Globe and Mail

"Mettler carries off the film with a combination of unforgettable images, artful performances and a kind of inexorable intelligence that guides his working out of the theme." 

- Cameron Bailey, Now Magazine

"Mettler offers a unique audio-visual interpretation of this fascinating play without sacrificing its complexity...Tectonic Plates weaves theatrical and cinematic elements into a tapestry of changing images, characters, and situations. The result is a story that seamlessly shifts between languages and cultures..."
- Martin Siberok, Montreal Mirror