"Trench 11 mashes up the films of John Carpenter, George A. Romero and maybe even Guy Maddin for an eccentric war horror movie. Sutherland and Shaun Benson have good, wary chemistry as rival specialists, Robert Stadlober has a ball as a proudly mad scientist, and Karine Vanasse turns up in a charming cameo.” 

- Norm Wilner, Now Magazine

 "Trench 11 ramps up the “war is hell” idea a few notches by throwing in dimly lit WWI tunnels and a virus that turns the human body into a breeding ground for stringy, writhing, and insatiable white worms… director Leo Scherman never goes for laughs in this sepia-toned period piece, instead creating a sense of 78-feet-below-ground claustrophobia that finds middle ground between The Thing and The Descent. Enter if you dare…” 

- Mike Usinger, The Georgia Straight

 “J.J.Abrams has been beaten to the punch by Trench 11, a slick Canadian production that won the audience award at the Toronto After Dark film festival. Not only did it hit screens a year before Overlord; it takes place a full 27 years earlier, in the closing days of the First World War… The result is a thriller with more than enough to satisfy until the next 

great war/horror comes along.” 

- Chris Knight, The National Post

 "Director Leo Scherman takes this simple story and all the atmosphere at his disposal and gives us a gripping 90 minutes of literal escapism… Trench 11 is a tension-filled good time.” 

- Jim Slotek, Original Cin

"Trench 11 manages to be several films at once, each complementing the other in their amalgamation into a singularly realised tale of 

dread and terror.” 

- Andrew Marshall, Starburst

 "A protégé of both David Cronenberg and Paul Schrader, Leo Scherman brings to his directorial chores skills for both the exploration of intense, disturbing subjects and a razor-sharp eye for detail...Trench 11 neatly balances gore, shocks and the bleakness of war into one colorful 

bow-topped gift for its audience.” 

- Kevin Nickelson, Horror News


 "Most of Trench 11’s cinematic influences hide in plain sight.  Patient, methodical body horror stokes shades of director Leo Scherman’s mentor David Cronenberg... Trench 11 is a to-the-point and tightly wound thriller.” 

- Culture Crypt

 "Trench 11 strikes a kitsch-free balance of tension and drama with 

enough horror to satisfy… it heightens the threat of a violently 

dangerous infection and the tensely claustrophobic film is 

pumped full of an inescapable dread." 

- Kelly McNeely,

 “A tense piece that blends the war and horror movie genres perfectly. The stellar production values are backed up by some star making performances, making this a must see.” 

- Nightmarish Conjurings